Michigan has always been a state of doers and innovators. There should be no reason our public education system comes up sub-par in any instance. The best economic plans will ultimately fall flat in the long run if our future is not protected. As Michigan continues to rebuild we cannot forget our students. Adequate funding is needed to keep schools not only running, but also to ensure students and staff alike have the necessary supplies for learning. Plans to support our educators as well as address the needs of every student is critical to the success. I will fight for our youth and our future. 

When I get to Lansing with your help, these will be my top priorities

As Michigan rebuilds it's economy I will find ways to encourage it's continued growth. One way of doing this is by supporting legislation that will encourage the development of alternate fuels. Being the automotive capital and being 2nd in the nation for crop diversity we have the potential for exponential growth in our economy. Encouraging these two industries to work together to develop the research of alternate fuels will bring more technology jobs to Michigan. 

I will continue to support funding for Michigan's roadways and infrastructure. Repairing our roadways is essential to the progress of Michigan's come back. Dependable roads benefit workers by getting them to their jobs faster and with less wear and tear on their vehicles. Our commerce needs the ability to get into the market reliably with as little delay as possible. In supporting the funding of Michigan's road I will also push for transparency in ALL of our State's spending. No more handouts, lost money, or unnecessary spending. Accountability is key.


Call to Donate & Volunteer

2018 candidate for state representative 48th district