About Joe Reno

​"I will give 100% everyday and continue to earn your trust."

Joe Reno

Born and raised in rural Michigan with his 3 siblings, Joe Reno was taught from an early age the value of hard work. At age 14 Joe began work on farms bailing hay and tending to horses. During winter months he helped families drag Christmas trees from fields to their cars. Watching his dad make the long commute every morning to work at the Chrysler headquarters in Auburn Hills Joe quickly learned the importance of dedication. In high school he became involved in sports and learned the true value of teamwork and persistence. Shortly after high school he moved to Washington to become a State Trooper.

Joe took those qualities and values from Michigan and began a successful career as a Washington State Trooper. For 5 years he helped to make the state safer while improving police relationships with the communities they served. With every interaction Joe tried to find a positive. While serving as a Trooper Joe became a member of the Rapid Deployment force, attended training at Joint Base Luis McCord, and helped his detachment earn detachment of the year. Joe then moved to Florida to be close to an ill family member. 

After a short stent as a Realtor in Florida, Joe returned home to Michigan with his wife Melanie. Drawing on his experiences from across different industries and with the love of Michigan Joe knew something needed changing. In order for Michigan to realize its potential, the potential true Michiganders know in their hearts exists, we must continue growing as a state. Learning from the past, overcoming current obstacles, and focusing on the future is essential.  

Joe is ready to take your concerns and ideas for Michigan to Lansing. Making our ideas come to fruition, continuing to improve Michigan.

  • Family
  • Continuous improvement
  • Humility 
  • Service above self. 
  • Acting with integrity
  • Honesty
  • Bipartisanship

"Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer."

John F. Kennedy


2018 candidate for state representative 48th district

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